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"All factors considered, Golfotron represents the best buy in the market of golf simulators."

-Carlo Blanchard

"We would like to emphasize the exceptional quality of the service provided by Golfotron’s team, from the installation to the tutorial and their customer service"

- Pascal Pelletier, C.E.O., Terrasses de la Fonderie, Drummondville

"The players are excited by the accuracy and versatility of this 3D golf game"

-Pierre Doyon, Quille-O-Rama d’Asbestos

"The unit itself offers many advantages: it’s simple to use, it perfectly simulates real golf games and is widely appreciated by our diverse clientele. The large selection of golf courses also gives this simulator an undeniable advantage."

-Luc Pomerleau, C.E.O. Reseau Selection

"With its unprecedented 3D graphics and brand new Tru-Score© camera technology, Golfotron New Generation is now considered to be the leading-edge technology in golf simulation. The accuracy of shots is simply outstanding and its performance is unmatched. That’s why I enthusiastically recommend the purchase of the Golfotron New Generation simulators."

-Michel Martin, ACGP professional


"We at Excellence Golf purchased four Golfotron simulators. We simply wanted to share our heartfelt gratitude for the outstanding quality of your service and the excellent simulators. Since buying our Golfotron simulators, we have received praise from numerous customers for the quality, accuracy and gaming experience. Golfotron has increased our business substantially and we are happy to have made this profitable investment."

-Claude Dauphinais, Excellence Golf, Drummondville