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Golfotron - Residential Use and Customization

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Residential Customization

With our extensive expertise in the industry of simulators and our passionate design team, we frequently adapt our simulators to the needs of our customers. Our team of professional designers will provide you with customized solutions perfectly adapted to your residential entertainment room.

If you wish to integrate a golf simulator to your entertainment room, please contact us to know the technical and material requirements for a smooth installation.


Integrating Golf and Home Theater

In a residential installation, the simulator’s projection system can also be used as a home theater system. The brand new cage for our residential model, the GTS2000, is much shorter than our professional model and thus allows for a lateral view of about 120 degrees. As a result, you can equip your cage with a set of speakers and hook up your AV receiver to the projector. You can then optimize the use of the space you have available into an impressive multimedia entertainment center.

Contact our specialists for a complete evaluation of your project. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it