Golf simulator


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Tru-Score©: accuracy is not an option.

camera truscore The GOLFOTRON NEW GENERATION GOLF SIMULATOR uses the Tru-Score© camera system, a very sensitive and fully electronic high speed camera that measures the ball trajectory based on an invisible infrared reflection system. As a result, no sensors are necessary to adequately measure the ball flight trajectory since it is actually being captured in mid flight.

The speed of the camera allows the ball flight characteristics to be measured thousands of times per second, allowing even the fastest shots to be measured accurately. This includes shots as short as 10 foot chips to as long as 400 yard drives with 220mph ball speeds. The range of the camera also allows detection of low sculls, shanks, high flop shots and is so precise that it will read the difference between fade and slice or draw and hook, and any other type of shot that may occur during the course of a round of golf.


The horizontal launch angle captures shots up to 40 degrees to the left and to the right. As for the vertical launch angle, it captures shots up to 60 degrees in height, with both angles captured within very strict tolerances, irrelevant of the speed of the ball. This means all types of golf shots can be played just like they are outdoors! To keep the installation robust and reliable, the whole optical measurement unit is contained within one impact proof housing unit that, once installed, remains stable, requiring only maintenance so as to ensure that excessive dust does not accumulate.

The reliability of the system has been proven through a technology that has been used in indoor golf simulation for over 15 years in commercial and industrial environments. The most recent generation hardware takes advantage of the latest in integration and processing technologies, with stable operation attributes that are both effective and long term.

The Tru-Score© camera does not require servicing or re-calibration.